The Yellowstone Trail

The Yellowstone Trail extends from ” Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound.” Granite Falls is the geographic center of this historic road which goes through small towns in Minnesota following on either side of Highway 212. In 1912, a group of small town businessmen in South Dakota  undertook an ambitious project to create a useful automobile route, the Yellowstone Trail, across America. This was at a time when roads weren’t marked, there were few maps and slippery mud was the usual road surface.

In the past two years, a volunteer group has formed to promote our section of this historic trail from Buffalo Lake to Ortonville – the Yellowstone Trail Alliance of Western Minnesota. Look for the distinctive yellow signs and pick up a printed guide at the Visitor Center. at 676 Prentice St. The website for the Minnesota Yellowstone Trail has details of restaurants, camping, lodging and shopping in all the towns along this historic route. Every second Saturday in September features the annual Sociability Run from Buffalo Lake to Ortonville . The 2021 event will take place on September 11 from 9-6 and ends with a Car Show at Bluenose Gopher Public House in downtown Granite Falls.

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